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What we do!

Mionti: Smart Parking - Smart Charging: Solutions for parking and charging

Mionti provides a smarter driving and parking experience in the city.

Zero contact travel

Drivers can open the app and instantly locate an available parking space instead of having to walk the city streets to find a free space. This prevents wasting both time and fuel

No Driving License

As electric cars proliferate, charging them is a new challenge. View the location and availability of charging stations on your route with Mionti.


20 different available stations.

1000 +

Capacity to charge more than 1000 vehicles at the same time

4000 +

Ability to provide parking solutions for minimum 4000 car

All in one app ; Mionti

Don't you want to deal with too many apps? No need to have seperate apps for parking, charging etc.

Recoverable energy

Find the nearest park-slot wenn you drive

Quick installation

Pay for the time you park. No suprises.

Zero contact travel

Easy-use app with different payment integrations

Recoverable energy

Use Mionto for your park management system on your resident area

Quick installation

Charge your electric vehicle at home using one of our smart.

Zero contact travel

Instant-display of current parking space information

Designed for our roads.

Does the idea of easily solving parking or charging issues sound attracstive?

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