Description for our service

If you have or want to install an electric charging station in your own home or parking lot, Mionti comes to you with great solutions. Do you want to be able to charge your own car when you are not at home, or do you want to set up electric car charging stations in your parking lot and open it to users to generate income. Thanks to TogerBox, you can either charge or terminate charging your own vehicle via the app, or you can turn your parking lot into an electric charging station with a fully automated system, and thanks to TogerBox, everything proceeds digitally in a contactless way.

Environmentally friendly transportation

Achieving a cleaner environment by facilitating the use of electric cars

Easy to find

No more searching for charging points behind the wheel

Full compatibility

Charging units for all types of vehicles

Contactless operation

Automatic charging and charge calculation via the app

In many cities, the electricity tariff varies according to the time of day. Mionti’s artificial intelligence shows you the most suitable charging hours according to this pricing system and promises economic support.